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Register for All Music and Acting Classes!

Register for All Music and Acting Classes!


Where Children
Find Their
Creative Voice

Through Music and Acting
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Little Movers and Shakers


More than a Music Class!

Little Movers and Shakers is a fun, joyful, playful class, supporting early childhood developmental and literacy concepts.  Classes will have your child dancing, singing, jumping to great music, singing books, awaiting surprises, playing with rhythm instruments, puppets, ribbons, parachute and more.


Patricia is attentive to each child, creating playful activities intentionally focused to benefit early language development, fine and gross motor skills, pre-academic skills, and social emotional learning. 

Ages:  Infants, Toddlers, Preschool thru five years old (with parent/ guardian)

When:  Monday through Fridays

Where:  Summit, Chatham, Harding Twp, Friends Groups, Birthday Parties, Schools

Smiling younger brother and older sister headshot

The Little Actors Studio

Little Actors will channel their inner creativity and self expression through theatrical, fun-filled activities like storytelling, role playing, pantomime, scripted work, monologues, and more.


In this one-hour class, students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, poise, and confidence in a nurturing environment celebrating their uniqueness, and a final Sharing Celebration for family and friends! 

Ages:  Pre K -  6th Grade

When:  See Schedule

Where: Summit, Basking Ridge, Harding Twp, Local Schools, Private Friends Classes

a group of children in red t-shirts playing an actin game. Their hands are on their heads and they're smiling.
two school age girls smiling and posing for a photo during an acting class

Patricia Price 908-217-3264

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